Worthy Words Co.

Activating anointed voices

If you utter what is precious, and not what is worthless, you shall be as my mouth.
—Jeremiah 15:19

Do you desire to grow in hearing God's voice and communicating his heart to the world?

Want to activate your creative gifts alongside a supportive, Spirit-filled community?

Join us at an upcoming workshop for worship, teaching from scripture, and space to create in God's presence through writing, journaling, or any artistic expression.

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    Workshop testimonials:

    I found myself trying new things and going deeper with God in a workspace with other creators. Hearing others’ work inspired and challenged me. As a fiction/fantasy writer, I went out of my comfort zone with journaling and poetry. I can’t wait for more!”


    "The most encouraging part for me was being with other writers whose goal was to write for Jesus. There are other groups you can join as writers, but it was so encouraging to be in an environment that included worship and inviting the Holy Spirit to move as we gathered together with the same purpose."


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